Rebirth of a National Hot Rod

Back in February 2006, Nigel Steward took delivery of a brand new NHR chassis from Ludlow Motorsport and commenced the new build of his Vauxhall Corsa.

The completed Rod was raced successfully by Nigel for several seasons.

It was then converted to being a circuit car so it needed a more neutral set-up for turning left, as well as right, and windows were added.  It's been laid-up for a while now, until recently pulled out of a dusty garage.

It now lives with the Hunn family and their Scrapco business.  Terry Hunn has some big plans for the now historic racer.

Although Terry campaigns the all-new AutoXross #39 Fiesta, he is going to bring the Corsa back as a National Hot Rod hopefully later this year.

It had been planned as a winter project but got delayed.  However, work on it is now underway again, with big ambitions.  Its primary role will be as back up for Terry for the Fiesta, but other drivers are likely to be guest pilots.  Names in the frame presently are Dan Smith, Nikki (son of Phil) White, and - wait for it - some possible seat time for two former NHR world champions, John Steward and Ricky Hunn. 

This is one project to capture the imagination, and we will return to it at a later date. 

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